Core element of LED-Light development is the light simulation of CAD data to analyze the current system, to optimize and to create new solutions. Our speciality is the development of ambient light system for industrial and automotive products.


Light in products and devices

Good light is design and brand, as well as function and orientation. The development with modern light simulation tools enables the creation of individual light guides without prototyping and the engineering of complete solutions ready for production.

The creation of high quality light inside products and devices is the main focus of LED light development. Ambient light lines, uniform illuminated surfaces and light animation inside of products are just some examples. See for more information.

Avoid low quality appearance in light guide applications

Home appliance and more

Ambient illumination is creating individual lighting through light guide systems

light in home appliance light guide

Do you need to know the best position for your LED. Is your target more brightness than products on the market. How to get homogeneity, no light bleed and good colors at the same time. These and many more topics are part of LED- Light development. With the right concept and working together in the details we can achieve high quality illumination in your product.

Add lighting capabilities to your development process and make lighting products real. We will find solutions to all question around LED, lightguides, light systems, materials, manufacturing and production. Light simulation and the expertise of product development gives production ready data and the confidence that your light will work.

More than 10000 hours and more than 10 years of experience in lighting development of serial products for automotive and industrial applications.