Light development

Core element of LED-Light development is the SPEOS light simulation of CAD data to analyze the current system, to optimize and to create new solutions. Our speciality is the development of ambient light system for industrial and automotive products.

Good light is design and brand, as well as function and orientation. The development with modern light simulation tools enables the creation of individual light guides without prototyping and the engineering of complete solutions ready for production.

What does the light development offer

What service do i get?

Core element of LED-Light development is the light simulation of CAD data to analyze the current system, to optimize and to create new solutions. We have deep knowledge in product development and answer all questions regarding materials, concepts, space, serial productions and EOL.

How precise is the light simulation?

The light simulation SPEOS is very precise and used in automotive and industrial companies. The precision depends on the input data. If all optical information is know or measured then brightness and color can be computed with 95% accuracy.

How to get lowest cost and highest quality?

Behind the product appearance is a light system containing LED, holder and lightguide. Depending on the product perfect uniformity can be achieved with LED alone, LED and lightguide or a full system. Find out how to achieve the best product appearance and contact us.

Can i get prototypes or just virtual development?

Prototypes and serial parts can be delivered through channel partners.

What benefit do i have in product development?

If you have LED in your electronic product and dont know where the best position is or which LED has the best performance for the lowest price. Do you want your product illumination look uniform with the best brightness in serial production, avoiding spots and other visible errors then we find out together.


Get a demonstration

  • light simulation for different products

  • Light guide & LED optimization 

  • Typical light errors in products


Lets simulate data and talk about your applications together.

Roundtable discussion organised by ANSYS (link) 

Get to know Thomas and listen to experts from automotive interior and exterieur.

  • Interior and exterior lighting past and future technologies

  • AI driving and the role that light will play

  • Efficiency and Energy consumption

  • Regulatory compliance interior and exterior lighting

  • Meta lenses

  • Shy tech / hidden until lit

  • Technologies for light in products

  • Problem solving with simulation