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Enjoy the roundtable discussion with expert from ANSYS and TKLEngineering



  • Interior and exterior lighting past and future technologies

  • AI driving and the role that light will play

  • Efficiency and Energy consumption

  • regulatory compliance interior and exterior lighting

  • Meta lenses

  • shy tech / hidden until lit

  • technologies for light in products

  • problem solving with simulation

Enjoy the lively lighting discussions!

07/2022 Wiki "light guide" released (german language)

07/2022 Video colormix - the hidden use case of light guides 

  • New YouTube channel -> Light Inside
  • News, light in product knowledge ad expert interviews will be released 
  • Current interview plan
    • laser surface texturing of tools and PMMA prototypes
    • flexible lightguides in products  (Comparison to rigid plastic light guides) 
    • 2D large light guide plates (expert interview)
  • Follow the channel Light Inside for news and more

06/2022 Wiki "light simulation" released (german language)

06/2022 Ambient light systems and avoidable errors in current products

  • Scouting the market for good and bad light in products

  • Sony has prism light guides in his new smart speakers, cool to see the daytime running light automotive appearance and not just uniform light
  • ambient light can be great looking in all products but tiny things in the product will create visible spots, dark areas or unwanted appearance in many other ways. Avoidable during development with knowledge and light simulation as checking tool.

05/2022 Development of light in toys started

  • light simulation & knowledge to create the next generation. More power efficient, more cost efficient and more uniform light in products

  • when the products hit the market we will publish more infos