Optical Engineering Service

Light development includes the CAD creation of the light system, the optical analysis and the optimization, as well as tolerancing and integration into the main product. Many applications are optimized for high brightness, no color defects as well as uniformity (homogeneity) of the light window area.


Light system creation

light guide automotive door panel

Light simulation

Analyse & Optimize

light simulation prism band


Product Integration

radio light line prism band

Integrate light and make it work in serial products is always a challenge. We can talk about your current status and optimize from here or we can use our project knowledge to create a functioning light concept for your product.

Reference Projects

Light  Simulation

Together we discuss the space and cost constraints as well as your lighting wishes. We will give you easy ways to avoid mistakes and to optimize your product. Our goal is the development of light components that deliver full light quality under serial product constraints (fixation, molding, assembly).

keyboard light guide
light guide keyboard light simulation
toy light guide
light simulation toy lightguide
light guide toy chess
light simulation toy chess lightguide