Reference projects

 Automotive projects

  • Development of uniform ambient light applications
  • Instrument panel large surface light and light lines
  • Several Door panel for ambient lighting (with and without foil)
  • Charging box light
  • License plate lighting
  • Head rest illumination

Industrial projects

  • Uniform or targeted light for many applications
  • Tap water integrated lighting
  • Touch panel button light
  • Speaker illumination
  • Machine control panel lighting
  • Display ambient light
  • Medical product lighting
  • light switch illumination

Development process

  • Concept work
  • CAD of light system in available space
  • Light simulation to ensure function and optimize for light targets
  • Document serial risks and show optimization potential
  • Measurement vs Simulation
  • EOL measurement

As supplier show your solution as superior with early brightness simulation during request handling Build and judge lighting prototypes. Create full light systems with optimized coupling structures, ready for serial production. Working with all disciplines to avoid errors.